We recorded, produced and delivered audio content for Peabody’s Executive Management Team. They sent us the following feedback:

“Helpful and professional, Far Shoreline did a great job. Highly recommended.”





We worked with the London Borough of Lewisham, producing audio for a short animation about recycling and the local environment:

“Far Shoreline made the audio process easy and seamless… many thanks.”


We devised and delivered one-to-one media training sessions for one of the academic departments at the University of Kent:

“Far Shoreline provided a very useful bespoke session. It’s highly recommended…”





We produced  a specially commissioned audio piece called ‘Colonial Voices’ for a major historical exhibition in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The curator of the exhibition was kind enough to send us this feedback:

                “Many thanks and congratulations on a superb piece of work….”


We’ve recently done some work for The New Yorker podcast. They sent us this complimentary note:

“Far Shoreline did an incredible job. It sounds great…everyone over here was deeply appreciative of and impressed with the work you did…”



We’re currently training multi-media producers in Africa and Asia in journalism, social media and digital production skills for the BBC World Service ‘2020’ project.